Bender - FinalCover.jpg

Published on November 22nd 2016

Two souls. Four love stories.
Ancient Egypt. Renaissance Italy. 1980s Pittsburgh. Futuristic Argentina. 
Bender tells the story of four couples across space and time, chronicling their relationships from the moments they meet, until their love stories ultimately end. These interconnecting tales follow a princess who falls for a slave, two men whose love is taboo, a dysfunctional couple struggling to make it work, and two women who discover a fascinating machine that reveals they’ve lived multiple past lives.

"Bender explores the transcendence of reincarnation, where two people, botanist Riley Dawes and the enigmatic Catherine Wharton, find themselves connected through their past lives. Reminiscent of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas, the different subplots, timelines, locations, and characters are a vibrant tapestry of humanity. Even though laced with tragedies and heartbreaks, these four different stories about two souls have their beautiful moments. Rigby provides a great ending to an intriguing and substantial read that challenges how we fundamentally perceive the beginning and the end of one's life." –Readers' Favorite

"Bender is a well-paced, smartly plotted novel that will keep readers turning the pages and hold their interest from cover to cover. The strong characters featured here are both likable and challenging. Rigby's voice is strong and perfectly suited for the genre." –Writer's Digest