Bryce Canyon

After visiting Zion, we drove to Bryce Canyon, where we were immediately in awe of the thousand of strange bright-orange rock formations called hoodoos that littered the valley below us. Starting out at Sunset Point, we took in the incredible views that stretched toward the horizon before hiking down into the canyon itself, getting up-close-and-personal with all of the otherworldly rock towers stretching high. We followed the maze for miles, eventually ending up on the other side at Sunrise Point. In just one afternoon, Bryce had solidified itself as one of my favorite places on Earth.

Quick Facts:

  • Visited: 2015

  • National Park founded: 1928

  • Location: Utah

  • Size: 35,835 acres

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Highlights & Hikes:


  • Navajo Loop Trail

  • Peekaboo Loop

  • Sunset Pt to Sunrise Pt


  • Thor’s Hammer

  • All of the hoodoos

  • Views from Sunset Pt and Sunrise Pt