Crater Lake

It took us over seven hours to drive from Seattle to Crater Lake National Park in Southern Oregon, but once we got there and I saw the bluest water I’ve ever witnessed, the long drive clearly became worth it. Crater Lake really is that blue, and something you have to see in person to believe. I visited Oregon’s only national park in the middle of August and the weather was perfect: warm and sunny, resulting in a splendid visit. We made the full loop around Rim Drive which circumnavigates the lake, stopping along the way to hike to the top of the rim at a few different spots, as well as heading down to the lake’s edge where we were able to jump into the freezing cold water, getting chilled to the bone. Visiting Crater Lake is a quintessential Pacific Northwest experience, while also simultaneously being an adventure quite unlike anything else.

Quick Facts:

  • Visited: 2016

  • National Park founded: 1902

  • Location: Oregon

  • Size: 183,224 acres

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Highlights & Hikes:


  • Cleetwood Cove Trail

  • Garfield Peak Trail

  • Pinnacles Valley Trail

  • Sun Notch Trail

  • Watchman Peak Trail


  • Jumping into the lake

  • Phantom Ship

  • Rim Drive

  • Wizard Island