Grand Canyon

The first national park I ever visited—the Grand Canyon—presented itself to me on a cloudy day when I was thirteen. The weather didn't cooperate and I was too young to truly appreciate the splendor before me, but I always knew one day I would go back. In 2017 I returned with three friends and got to experience the magic this incredible natural marvel has to offer. And please remember: if you don't stay for sunset, have you really even seen the Grand Canyon at all?

Quick Facts:

  • Visited: 2003 & 2017
  • National Park founded: 1919
  • Location: Arizona
  • Size: 1,217,262 acres

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Highlights & Hikes:


  • Bright Angel Trail
  • Grandview Trail
  • Rim Trail


  • Grandview Point - Epic views
  • Mather Point - Great sunset spot
  • Navajo Point - Desert View Watchtower