Mount Rainier

Before moving to Washington in 2015, sure, I knew what Mount Rainier was, and had even seen it on an earlier visit to Seattle, but I had never truly experienced its epic grandeur. Having the most topographically prominent peak of the Lower 48 in your backyard never gets old, nor does visiting this incredible park. I’ve had the opportunity to visit Mount Rainier multiple times, in both summer, fall, and winter. Each time I go, I’m rewarded with more epic views of the enormous mountain, whether that’s by the shore of a bright blue lake, through a meadow of wildflowers, or from the top of an old fire lookout. With the park being super accessible from Seattle, I know it’s a place I’ll return to again and again. There’s still so much to see!

Quick Facts:

  • Visited: 2016/2017/2018/2019

  • National Park founded: 1899

  • Location: Washington

  • Size: 236,381 acres

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Highlights & Hikes:


  • Grand Park via Lake Eleanor

  • Mount Fremont Lookout Trail

  • Rampart Ridge Trail

  • Summit Lake

  • Tolmie Peak Fire Lookout


  • Sunrise area

  • Tolmie Peak - an incredible hike!

  • The sheer size of the mountain

  • Visible glaciers

  • Wildflowers