This park could very well be three different ones. There are snow-capped mountains, a rock-covered coastline, and even a bright-green rainforest. Olympic National Park in Washington is incredible because it has so much to offer. I’ve visited the park on four separate trips and I still know there is a lot left undiscovered. I’ve been fortunate enough to explore the park’s enigmatic beaches, hike to the top of Mount Storm King for epic views of Lake Crescent below, traipse through the moss-covered Hoh Rainforest, and snowshoe among the mountains to Hurricane Hill. This is the kind of park that you can visit any day of the year and feel truly transported to another place. The Olympic Peninsula is a magical world, with something to offer at every corner. It’s such a surreal part of the country, that even some of the gorgeous spots nearby aren’t technically even included within the park’s boundaries. There’s just that much to see!

Quick Facts:

  • Visited: 2016/2017/2018/2019

  • National Park founded: 1938

  • Location: Washington

  • Size: 922,650 acres

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Highlights & Hikes:


  • Marymere Falls

  • Mount Storm King

  • Hall of Mosses

  • Hoh River Trail

  • Hurricane Hill Snowshoe


  • Blue Glacier

  • Lake Crescent

  • Hurricane Ridge

  • Hoh Rainforest

  • Rialto Beach

  • Second Beach

  • Ruby Beach